Sport horses directly from breeder

Get your sport horse directly from the breeder without major detours through middlemen - choose your champion from fourteen top-class dam lines with optimally secured sport genetic.

Jumping Horses

Internationale Springblutvielfalt unter einem Dach - hier finden Sie Nachkommen aus dem Stamm der Narcotique de Muze und Usha van't Roosakker (das Beste aus Belgien), Fragance de Chalus (Nr. 1 aus Frankreich), La Belle van Sombeke (Nr. 1 aus den Niederlanden), Comtesse 165 - Holsteiner Stamm 1446 sowie dem Holsteiner Stamm Witt 741 u.v.m.

Dressage Horses

We breed offspring whose mothers have been successful in sport up to high class and have been bred to top stallions, world and European champions.

Directly from your Breeder

Trust in the breeder's expertise and use years of experience for your next sport horse and your next sporting career.


Breeder's association Mittelerde News-Posts

No WFFS in the stable Mittelerde - all mares tested negative !

The reports of the hereditary disease Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome (WFFS) do not stop and the thought that it can get you yourself is unbearable. That's why we went the only right way. We have had all of our mares tested for the WFFS genetic defect and thus received confirmation that all the mares are negative and therefore NOT carriers of the genetic defect. Read more…

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