Fragance de Chalus

Fragance de Chalus (by Jalisco B x Fury de la Cense x Chateau du Diable XX, bred by Solange Planson, France) has revolutionized the breeding world and was one of the pillars that contributed to the success of the globally growing show jumping sport. Unfortunately, she passed away in 2019 at the age of 26. With Joris de Brabander, probably the most famous breeder in Belgium, Fragance de Chalus made history.

In terms of sport, Fragance was successful up to the advanced level up to 1.40 m. She was characterized by a high level of motivation and determination, courage and clarity. In addition, Fragance convinced with excellent rideability and excellent manner on the jump and she passed this on to her offspring. All of them have very good character traits, they are ideally suited for both amateurs and professional athletes. Her bite and her winning mentality, the will to get to the other side and remain flexible and agile, especially on technically demanding courses, all this characterizes this mother line. Not to forget the outstanding hindquarters technique, the most famous landmark in this line.

Through new breeding techniques, such as. embryo transfer, Fragance de Chalus brought to a considerable posterity. Of over 40 of their direct descendants, well over half made it into the major international show jumping class, which brought Frangance to the podium unchallenged in the ranking of the world's best broodmares for show jumping. In addition, her inheritance power is so strong that four of her daughters with the same genetic penetration made it into the top 40 mares in this ranking, including Jolly Girl Kervec by Darco, the mother of our Jolly Girl von der Mittelerde.

In total there are more than 50 offspring (sons, daughters and grandchildren) from the Fragance line that have developed into international success. Including the stallion sons Mylord Carthago, Bamako de Muze, Norton d'Eole and Arc en Ciel de Muze as well as the daughters Nimfe de la Pomme, Vodka Orange de Muze, Jolly Mome, Anais Anais de Muze, Nais de la Pomme and throughout other Generations including Telstar de la Pomme, Twister de la Pomme, Bacardi-Orange de Muze, ... and many, many others.

As a pioneer in embryo transfer, the Selle Français mare Fragance from the international Nifrane line leaves an indelible mark on today's European show jumping breeding.

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